Head Teacher Mrs Thomas

Chair of Governors Mrs Maher

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Tootell

Assistant Headteacher Ms White


Teachers  and Teaching Assistants from September 2017

Upper Key Stage 2 Team Leader Ms White

Year 6 Miss E.Jones, Mrs Dodd, Mrs Tootell and Ms White
Ms Clynch Mrs Hopwood and Mrs Pennington
Year 5 Mr Yeowell and Mr Smith
Mrs Gahan and Mrs Whitfield


Lower Key Stage 2 Team Leader Mrs Passmore

Year 4 Mrs Griffith,  Mr O’Keefe and Mrs Porter
Snr Pena and Mrs Teasdale
Year 3 Miss Ludgate and Mrs Relph
Mrs McGinn and Mrs Simpson


Key Stage 1 Team Leader Mrs Eccles

Year 2 Mrs Eccles and Miss McCulloch
Miss Clynch and Mrs Perkins
Year 1 Mrs Gopsill and Miss Williams
Mrs Neale and Ms Reilly


Foundation Stage Leader Mrs Boylan

Foundation Stage 2 Miss Davies, Mrs Boylan and Mrs MacDonough
Ms Ashman and Ms Frost


Foundation Stage 1 Mrs Forsey and Mrs Williams
Mrs Ekins and Mrs Walsh

Ms Dickens

Successful Reading Partnership Mrs Walsh and Miss Skinner

Business Manager  Mrs Mawdsley
Assistant Business Manager  Mrs Alldis

Administration Team:

Office Manager   Mrs Page
Administration Officer   Mrs Francis
Administration Assistant   Mrs Morton
Administration Assistant   Miss Keating


Pastoral Team
Miss Perkins (Assistant Safeguarding Officer) and Mrs Hardy (Home/School Liaison)

Mid-day Assistants
Mrs Hardy (Senior Supervisor), Ms Barker, Mrs O’Hare, Miss Ashman, Mrs McGinn, Ms Ch Gumley, Ms Co Gumley,  Mrs T Jones, Mr Lowe, Miss Cookson,  Miss Wigfield, Mrs Burns and Mrs Joynson, Ms Allinson

Caretaker Mr Lowe

Cleaners Mrs T Jones, Mrs Joynson, Ms B Ashman and Ms Astle

Mrs Maher (Chair),  Mrs Lambeth (Vice Chair), Rev. Carpenter (Community), Mrs Stapleton (Community), Mr Toleman (Community), Mr Gilbertson (Community), Miss McCulloch (Staff), Mrs Page (Staff), Mrs Passmore (Staff), Mrs O’Neill (Parent), Mrs Johnson (Parent), Mrs Markey (Parent).