The staff in the Foundation Stage work hard to ensure that all children feel safe and happy in school. We endeavour to provide the children with an attractive, well-organised and exciting learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, and a wide range of different learning experiences. We also very much value developing strong partnerships with all the families. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff should you have any concerns about your child. We look forward to working with you in the future.

The staff in Foundation Stage 2 are:

Miss Davies F2D
Mrs Boylan F2BM
Mrs MacDonough F2BM


Ms Frost


Ms Ashman


Mrs Roberts


In order to provide a setting that has a rich, rounded curriculum the Foundation Stage classrooms are separated into areas. These are:

Book Area

Computer Station

Construction Zone

Creative Area


Maths Area

Outdoor Area

Role Play

Small World Area


Writing Area

Foundation Stage 2 news...

Fitness Fun Friday in the Foundation Stage and KS1

We started the day off energetically with a wake up and shake up routine. Throughout the rest of the day we have enjoyed different physical activities to help us all keep fit whilst having fun at the same time. We moved our bodies to the beat of a lively song with the help of some of our favourite book characters. Back in our classrooms we have been feeling great and ready to learn with a positive mental attitude.

Children In Need 2018

What a wonderful day we had for Children In Need. All the children brought in £1 to wear something either spotty or yellow. The children also had the opportunity to buy a cake at playtime for 50p. The children also had the chance to pay 50p to enter a colouring competition. There were three winners across the school. Thank you everyone for your generous donations.

Foundation Stage Harvest Costumes

The F2 children have put lots of effort into making their harvest fruit and vegetable costumes. Can you guess what they have dressed as?

F2 Vocabulary Parade

We had such a fabulous day celebrating our love of wonderful words. We celebrated with a showstopping parade. Take a look at all our amazing costumes below. Can you guess which words children have dressed up as?


KS1 Vocabulary Parade

We had a fantastic day celebrating our love of wonderful words. We celebrated with a showstopping parade. Take a look at all our amazing costumes below. Can you guess which words children have dressed up as?

F2 Sports Day

We had such a fanstatic day on Tuesday for our F2 Sports Day. We all tried so hard when completed the skipping races, potato and spoon races, sack races and beanbag balance races. There were lots of future sporting superstars. Well done everyone!

Vibrant Vocabulary Parade- Friday 22nd June

This exciting event is a fun way to celebrate our love of wonderful words and varied vocabulary. We are inviting you to come to school dressed as your chosen word with the word clearly displayed on your outfit. During the day we will have a parade, where you will have the chance to show off your costume and we will also take lots of photographs to display around our school.

Please choose a word from your year group’s list below. You will notice that most of the words are very challenging. This event will be great fun but it is also a chance for you to hear and learn new vocabulary.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Year 1-2

Year 3-6

We can’t wait to see you in your outfits. Good Luck!

They’ve Hatched!

We have had a very exciting day today in school watching some of our baby ducks hatching. We were lucky enough to catch one on camera so everyone can enjoy viewing it!

Exciting Eggs!

We are lucky to have some visitors from a local farm in school. Currently we are incubating a set of eggs, waiting for them to hatch! I wonder what might be inside them?


Can you spot the cracks starting to show?


Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been enjoying exploring the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We listened to the story, wrote captions, painted our own giant and have been using our key words.