Welcome to Year 1!

The staff in Year 1 are:

Mrs Inman 1WI pm
Mrs Wright 1WI am
Mrs Gopsill 1G

Mrs Robinson

Ms Laing
Mrs Neale

Useful information:

PE kits should be brought into school at the start of each half term and then stay in school – they will be sent home at the end of each half term.

Reading books can be changed every day – but must be changed at least once a week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE kits needed  PE kits needed
Homework is given out Homework to be returned
Spellings are given out Spellings to be returned
Reading books changed if diary is signed Reading books changed if diary is signed Reading books changed if diary is signed Reading books changed if diary is signed Reading books changed if diary is signed


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy



Mrs Wright Mrs Gopsill Ms Laing/Mrs Neale Mrs Robinson
20.11.2017 20.11.2017 20.11.2017 20.11.2017


We encourage the children to bring their book bags into school each day. Reading books will be changed daily providing the home-school log has been signed. We have sent Maths and Literacy homework home for the first time today. Details of when to return homework can be found inside the front cover of your child’s homework book. Please encourage your child to write in pencil and to present their homework neatly.

Year 1 news...

Not Now, Bernard!

Year 2 are really enjoying retelling the story of Not Now, Bernard! We have started adding actions to the story so we can retell it without reading the book. We are making our first attempt at up-levelling the basic story this week.



Watch this space for some of the highlights!

Floating & Sinking

Year 1 have had great fun this week looking at different materials and predicted whether a boat made of that material would float or sink.

We are looking forward to making and testing our boats to see if we can get Little Red Hen across the river with her deliveries.



Watch this space for photographs of us testing our boats!

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors meet KS1

KS1 listened to an assembly from Mrs Tootell and the anti-bullying ambassadors about how we are all different and all equal.

Royden Park Warriors!

What a fantastic trip we had in Year 1! We went to Royden Park for the morning to investigate changing seasons. We played a sorting game, went on a Scavenger hunt, found acorns and returned to school to make Woodland Warrior masks. Here are some photos of the fun we had:


British Values: Rules

Year 1 had some great discussions today about School Rules and why they were important. Everyone agreed that rules are there to keep us safe. We then had to arrange the 9 school rules we had been given into a diamond with the most important at the top and the least important at the bottom. Each group of children had ordered them slightly different. We agreed this was ok because they are all important!

Welcome Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Welcome Meeting. In case you missed it or you’d like to recap on the information here is the information we gave.

Year 1 parent information presentation

Fruity Friday!

Year 1 enjoyed celebrating Healthy Eating Week with a Fruity Friday!

First they had to design their fabulous fruity kebab.
They had to think about the different types of fruit they might put on their skewer.
Some people decided to make a fun pattern with their fruit.
Then they took them home to taste them. How exciting!

Computing Skills

Year 1 were improving their Computer Skills today. They completed different activities that included:

  • Saving images on the laptops.
  • Saving images on the iPads.
  • Speed typing.

Here you can see them in action!

Seasons Day

Year 1 enjoyed a special ‘Seasons Day’ full of fun activities. This was the entry point to their topic ‘Sensational Seasons’. They produced lots of work and have organised this into pages of their Seasons topic book. Here is a sneaky peak inside some of them:

Seasons Day

Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

Year 1 had a fantastic debate as part of our P4C session on ‘Should we keep wild animals in captivity?’ The children discussed the words wild and captivity as they are two of our trophy words. Then they voted on whether they should be kept in the wild or captivity. Finally they gave their opinions on why they voted either way.