Welcome to Year 2!

The staff in Year 2 are:

Mrs Eccles 2E

Mrs Passmore

Miss McCulloch 2M
Mrs Perkins
Miss Clynch

Mrs Lloyd

Useful information:

Toast money (50 pence) should be brought into school on Monday for the whole week.


Homework and PE Timetable:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Homework due in Homework given out
Spellings given out Spellings to be returned and tested
Reading books to be changed Reading books to be changed Reading books to be changed Reading books to be changed Reading books to be changed


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:​​

Mrs Eccles Miss McCulloch Ms Clynch
y sounding eye y sounding eye syllables


Year 2 news...

Anti Bullying Production

Altru Drama Company came to our school to put on a performance for Anti Bullying Week. The performance taught us all about respect. We learned so much and it was also very fun! Take a look at some of the pictures below:

Children In Need 2018

What a wonderful day we had for Children In Need. All the children brought in £1 to wear something either spotty or yellow. The children also had the opportunity to buy a cake at playtime for 50p. The children also had the chance to pay 50p to enter a colouring competition. There were three winners across the school. Thank you everyone for your generous donations.

Remembrance Trench Stew

Year 2 have made a Trench Stew as part of our Remembrance Day. They used ingredients that people would have used during the war. Lots of children thought it was delicious!

Remembrance 2018

Our Remembrance Assembly was very special. Each class did a little something to remember all the people who gave their lives for us today. We are so proud of all the children. Thank you everyone.

Great Fire of London Drama

Year 2 acted out the events that happened in the great fire of London. They thought carefully about which action best fit each event.


Firework Dance

In Year 2 dance we listened to a firework song and then made a dance with actions to match the lyrics. We considered how the different fireworks would shoot into the sky.

Harvest Costumes

Year 2 have put lots of effort into making their harvest fruit and vegetable costumes. Can you guess what they have dressed as?

DT Transport Day

Year 2 had a busy DT day making moving vehicles as part of their transport topic!

Transport Topic

As part of our transport topic we have been learning about famous travellers in Year 2. 2M found out all about Neil Armstrong and 2E researched Amy Johnson. We then paired up in the hall and shared our findings to each other.

Transport Entry Point

Year 2 have enjoyed their Transport entry point this afternoon! They brought in their favourite vehicle from home to show and describe to everyone.