Welcome to Year 3!

The staff in Year 3 are:

Mrs Passmore

Miss Ludgate 3L

Mrs Relph 3R

Mrs McGinn
Señor Peña










Useful information:

Click here to access the information presented at the welcome meeting.

Please make sure all PE kits and uniform are labelled.


Homework and PE Timetable:

Each reading group has their own set day for their reading books to be changed but they can be returned more frequently if required.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spellings given out P.E. Spellings to be returned and tested
Homework due in Homework given out


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:


 Mrs Relph Miss Ludgate Mrs McGinn Senor Pena
2. Suffix ing – one syllable 2. Suffix ing – one syllable 2. soft c 2. soft c


Year 3 news...

Mad Hat Day

We have been raising money for our local charity ‘Claire House’. The children were given the opportunity to come to school in a funny hat for just £1. There were lots of prizes given out for the funniest and most wild hats. Mersey Park you are looking fabulous!

Vocabulary Parade

The Vocabulary Parade has been a fun way to celebrate our love of wonderful words and varied vocabulary. Lots of children in KS2 have put lots of effort into making their costumes for the Vocabulary Parade. Can you guess which word each child has dressed up as?


Egyptian Sarcophagus

Year 3 have measured and used a saw to safely cut wood to make an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Sports Day

Sports Day was a success! We managed to complete all races without any rain. Thank you for coming to see us in our races. We had great fun competing against our friends.

Forest School

What a wonderful group Year 3 have been! Lots of team work, fun and learning new skills. We love Forest School!

Death Masks

We have been making our very own death masks as part of our Ancient Egyptians topic. We sketched carefully first then added our paint. They are looking great!


We have investigating how shadows are formed and how they change throughout the day.

We have been using scientific vocabulary including transparent, translucent and opaque.


Our recent P4C enquiry was all about famine. We used a powerful image to generate questions. We then voted for our favourite question and held an open discussion about it.

Meet and Greet

We have been finding ways to greet each other first thing in the morning.

Some of us like a hug, others prefer a high five, a few of us even like a dance!

Maths Measure

In Maths we have been measuring length using metre, rulers and tape measures. We are starting to convert measurements between cm and m. We had fun measuring each other’s arm spans and objects around our classrooms.