Welcome to Year 4!

The staff in Year 4 are:

Mrs Griffith 4G

Mr O’Keefe 4O

Mrs Porter

Mrs Teasdale

Señor Peña










Useful information:

Click here to access the information presented at the welcome meeting.

In Year 4 the timetable is slightly different for Mrs Porter’s group. Please check you are looking at the right table!


Homework and PE Timetable:

4G and 4O

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 PE kits needed  PE kits needed
Spellings given out Spellings to be returned and tested
 Homework to be returned Homework given out
Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed

Mrs Porter’s

Please encourage your child to read at least 3 times each week and bring in their reading bag everyday. Thank you.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spellings given out Spellings given in and tested
Homework given out Homework due in
Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:

Mr O’Keefe Mrs Griffith Mrs Teasdale & Senor Pena Mrs Porter
16. Possessive apostrophe – plurals 15. Possessive apostrophe – plurals 15. Possessive apostrophe – plurals

14. sure, ture, tch

Year 4 news...

Antoni Gaudi Geckos

We have been creating our very own ‘Antoni Gaudi Geckos’. We used wire, newspaper and masking tape to create our shapes. We brought them to life with colourful tissue paper. We think they look great!

Special Things

We have been thinking about special things we would take on a journey. We realised our Play-Stations can actually be replaced and are not that important! Mrs Griffith said her teddy ‘Kitty’ is definitely irreplaceable. Can you believe it is 27 years old?



We have been learning all about sound in our Science lessons. We found out that vibrations make sound! We have been experimenting why some sounds are louder than others. It was great fun!

Edward Tulane Sewing

We have been reading ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ in our Literacy lessons. It’s the best book ever and we adore Edward the rabbit. We are very lucky, because we have been given the opportunity to make and sew our very own Edward Tulane. What do you think?

Easter Bonnet Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered our Easter bonnet competition. It was a fantastic idea that was organised by Year 2. We had some really creative hats from children of all year groups.

Invasion Games Competition

Several children from Year 4 were chosen to attend an Invasion Games Competition, on Friday 26th May, at St Werburghs Primary School. The children represented Mersey Park Primary perfectly and did extremely well. A child from our school was even awarded the ‘Best Sportsperson’ award. What a result! Take a look at some of the pictures below:


Fitness Friday

The children thoroughly enjoyed Fitness Friday on 29th March 2019. They started the day with a ‘Wake Up Shake Up’. They then participated in sporting activities throughout the day.

Comic Relief 2019

This year we wore odd socks for Comic Relief and all donated £1. We were even given the opportunity to enter a joke competition for 50p. All money raised was donated to charity. Take a look at some of our funky socks below:

British Science Week

On Thursday the whole school were lucky enough to take part in the Silly Science Workshops as part of British Science Week. It was so exciting, take a look:

Spanish Day

We had a fabulous day on Thursday 17th January. We carried out a range of Spanish activities throughout the day. The children created artwork based on the Spanish artist Juan Gris and also carried out some Flamenco dancing. The children especially enjoyed cooking and tasting Spanish food. The croquetas and Tortillas were scrumptious!