Welcome to Year 5!

The staff in Year 5 are:


Mr Yeowell 5Y

Mr Smith 5S

Mrs Whitfield 

Mrs Gahan

Useful information:

Reading books will be changed as and when a book is completed – do remember you should be reading at least three times a week.


Homework and PE Timetable:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Homework to be returned Homework given out
Spellings to be returned Tested and new spellings given out
Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:



Mr Yeowell Mr Smith Mrs Gahan Mrs Whitfield
5. Suffix ing – two syllables 5. Suffix ing – two syllables 2. Prefix anti, non, auto 2. Prefix anti, non, auto

Year 5 news...

The Sun, Moon and Earth

We spent the first part of our lesson deciding on how the Sun, Earth and Moon moved, then we drew how big we thought they all were.

Mad Hat Day

We have been raising money for our local charity ‘Claire House’. The children were given the opportunity to come to school in a funny hat for just £1. There were lots of prizes given out for the funniest and most wild hats. Mersey Park you are looking fabulous!

Vocabulary Parade

The Vocabulary Parade has been a fun way to celebrate our love of wonderful words and varied vocabulary. Lots of children in KS2 have put lots of effort into making their costumes for the Vocabulary Parade. Can you guess which word each child has dressed up as?



The Year 5 and 6 children have worked so hard on the ‘Pathfinders’ course this week. They have carried out a number of activities with Merseyside Police. These activities have taught them everything from respect to making the right choices. It was both a fun and informative week and the children have thoroughly enjoyed their time with the police.  Take a look at the exciting things they got up to below:

Roman Mosaics

Year 5 have had a lovely time making their own Roman Mosaics. They used actual stone tiles and even had to shape them using scissors before gluing them down ready to grout.

Prenton High School Performance

We were lucky enough to perform our fabulous show of ‘The Greatest Showman’ to the pupils at Prenton High School! We were able to use their advanced technology, stage lights and even perform on their impressive stage. The staff and pupils were all blown away by our performance. We felt like real life actors and actresses!


The Greatest Showman

Year 5 have just put on our version of The Greatest Showman and it had to be the GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!

There was superb singing, dazzling dancing and amazing acting throughout. We even had an email from Hugh Jackman to wish us all the best – WOW!! Not only that, but Swetenhams Chemists and Abakan donated some money towards our next school trip – DOUBLE WOW! Also, we are going to take the show on the road to Prenton High School – TRIPLE WOW!

Separating Materials

We had a great time in our Science lesson, working out how we can separate different materials!

Aboriginal Art

In Art, we have been studying the artwork of the Aborigines in Australia. We even created our own artwork by using a cotton bud and lots of different colours. It all required a lot of concentration and delicate painting.


For our Topic homework, we made our very own exploding volcanoes. We had a lot of fun doing it and they really did erupt!