Welcome to Year 5!

The staff in Year 5 are:

Mr O’Keefe 5O
Mrs Pritchard 5P
Miss Ludgate 5L
Mrs Whitfield 
Mrs Gahan

Mrs Pennington

Useful information:

Reading books will be changed as and when a book is completed – do remember you should be reading at least once a week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE kits needed  PE kits needed
Homework to be returned Homework given out
Spellings given out Spellings to be returned and tested
Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book Reading books can be changed if you have finished the book


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:



Mrs Pritchard Mr O’Keefe Miss Ludgate Mrs Whitfield, Mrs Pennington & Mrs Gahan
Silent Letters h, k Silent Letters h, k Silent Letters h, k Possessive apostrophe – plurals

Year 5 news...

Separating Mixtures

Year 5 separating mixtures science experiment. We all really enjoyed it!

Safer Internet Day

Different scenarios and what Class 5O would do – Safer Internet Day 2018

Persuasive Airline Leaflets

Year 5 have created their own airlines this week and have produced some persuasive leaflets to advertise them. Perhaps a major airline will hear about the idea of having a trampoline on board and steal the idea!


Safer Internet Day

Year 5 enjoyed completing a range of activities on Safer Internet Day.  We talked through example scenarios and made notes about how we would feel in different situations.  We also thought about actions that would make everyone in that scenario feel happier.  We also watched videos which highlighted the importance of being positive online and staying safe online.

Tesco Sustainability

Year 5 participated in a sustainability trail, learning all about how we make sure we look after the world together.

Speaking Buddies

Pupils in 5L enjoyed discussing how to stay safe online with their Speaking Buddies in 2M.


5L’s Marble Jar Reward

Since September Class 5L have been earning marbles for good behaviour.

As a reward for filling their class marble jar, they were treated to watching the film ‘Boss Baby’ whilst wearing their pyjamas!

Well done 5L! Keep up your excellent behaviour.

Farm to Fork

What w wonderful trip Year 5 had to Tesco for the Farm to Fork trail! The children always find out a lot of interesting facts. Perhaps you could try asking Daley Bear what he learnt.

Parliamentary Debate

Some Year 5 children went to Bedford Drive Primary to learn about parliament and how new laws are passed in the UK. They then took part in a debate, set up like the House of Commons, about whether school uniforms should be banned for all children. Some fantastic points were made both for and against. Some possible politicians in the making!

Chester Zoo Trip

Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying the Chester Zoo Trip. We had a fantastic time looking at all the wonderful animals. We learnt so much about the different types of animals. What an amazing day and a lovely Christmas treat!