New Topic: Time Detectivesffff

As we’ve started the Summer term we would have been beginning our new topic of ‘Time Detectives’. Our entry point would have involved two tasks which we are going to ask you to do from home:

  1. Can you create a mosaic vase? A mosaic is an artistic picture or design made out of any materials assembled together. First use a piece of paper or cardboard from a box to cut out a vase shape. Then cut lots of little decorative pieces of coloured paper, wrapping paper, magazines or cereal packets. Finally, glue your vase and arrange these little pieces all over it to create a wonderful mosaic. Top Tip: If you can cut them down so they don’t overlap they will look most effective.
  2. We would have gone on a tour of the school to collect evidence of how old our school is. The evidence would have included a number of pictures. For each of these pictures can you take your time to sketch them – remember a sketch involves using your pencil lightly so you don’t need to rub out. Once you have done your first draft, try watching Austin’s butterfly to remind yourself of how to improve your sketches. Then go away and improve your sketch by doing a second draft.