We take great pride in our work at Mersey Park Primary School and our Maths work is no exception.  We enjoy celebrating other peoples success and linking our Maths work to our curriculum topics.


Power Maths

Both KS1 and KS2 follow a Maths teaching programme called ‘Power Maths’. This Programme aims to help children to deepen their knowledge of mathematical concepts and encourages them to explain their thinking, whilst ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum objectives.

Each mathematical topic is approached in the same way with the same three steps:

1. Practical – the children are encouraged to use concrete manipulative (equipment) to practically solve a problem. They are encouraged at this time to explain what they have used and why and what this is showing. By using practical equipment, the children begin to create pictures in their mind which they will be able to use and draw upon this ‘hands on’ learning in the future.


2. Pictures – the children then begin to draw pictorial representations of a problem to help find a solution. They are shown a range of models which they could use to show their thinking and are encouraged to record their pictorial representations in whichever way makes sense to them.


3. Number sentences – the final stage is to record their problem as an abstract number sentence and solve the problem that way.


Since introducing the programme, we have seen a huge increase in the children’s confidence and ability to explain their thinking and give reasons for their answers.


Useful Maths websites:

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