Monday 14th September 2020

Dear Parents/carers

As you are aware, in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19, the children are currently being kept apart, as far as is possible, from children in other classes or year groups.

Within school, they stay with their own class, with the exception of Year 6 who are taught in different groups, but only with Year 6 pupils and staff.

In the dining hall, children come in at set times and only sit with their own class. Children are currently escorted to the toilet to avoid too much contact with children from other year groups/ classes.

Playtimes are staggered, with separate times and areas for each year group. There is less chance of the virus spreading outside but we are still keeping each year group in their own area and they should not be mixing with children in the other class.

If we receive news of a confirmed case of Covid 19, unfortunately, we would need to ask the class to isolate for 14 days from the last time they were in contact with the person who has tested positive. The class would be considered a close or ‘direct contact’ to the individual which is why they would need to isolate. Below is a definition of a close contact.

A close contact is considered to be any pupil or staff member who had the following type of contact at any time from 48 hours before onset of symptoms (or test if asymptomatic) to 10 days after onset of symptoms (or test):

  • being coughed on, or
  • having a face-to-face conversation within 1 metre, or
  • having unprotected skin-to-skin physical contact, or
  • travelling in a small vehicle with the case, or
  • having any contact within 1 metre for 1 minute or longer without face-to-face contact
  • having extended close contact (between 1 and 2 metres for more than 15 minutes) with the confirmed case


These are very challenging times for us all but we are trying to make sure that our school is still a happy place of learning. It has been a real pleasure to have the children back with us and we appreciate your support.


Yours sincerely

Mrs M.Thomas
Head Teacher



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