Meet The e- Safety Cadet Team:

To help ensure the work undertaken in our e-Safety sessions is relevant to the pupils and stays up to date we have set up a team of e-Safety Cadets. They had to apply for their position and have been given their own job description which includes being used across the school to support e-Safety work, communicate with parents about e-Safety and to help write the curriculum and policies.

The e-Safety Cadets meet on a regular basis to discuss any concerns, changes to the curriculum and new technology. They are given the opportunity in these meetings to discuss freely the technology they use and make adaptations to school lessons and policies.


The e-Safety Cadets have influenced our e-Safety curriculum to ensure we are covering the work that is most relevant to our pupils. Here is the e-Safety curriculum and activities we cover each year.

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview FS Y1

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview Y2

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview Y3

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview Y4

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview Y5

MPPS eSafety & Cyberbullying overview Y6


There are a number of the e-Safety Cadets who now present an e-Safety message at the beginning of any productions. The message is “We are two of the e-Safety Cadets in school. We would like to remind you that you can take photographs of the production for personal use. But please consider other people’s choices and if you choose to post photos on social media make sure they only contain your child.” This was written by the Cadets themselves and highlights the importance of our e-Safety policies to the parents.


In October 2018, the eSafety cadets carried out an eSafety Parent Workshop. This workshop was to help the parents to keep their children safe online. It was a great success and the parents said they now feel more confident in this area. At the end of the session, the eSafety cadets carried out several activities with the parents, this was to give the parents an idea about the types of activities we do in school and what they can do with their children at home.