We are extremely proud of our productions here at Mersey Park Primary Shcool. The children put on a fantastic show for the rest of the school and their parents. Our productions are full of life and include fabulous dancing, outstanding acting, superb singing some very amazing costumes.

Year 1 and 2- Rebecca, the busy Inn Keeper!

Year 1 and 2 put on a fantastic show which was the Christmas Nativity from the eyes of a busy Inn Keeper called Rebecca. Year 2 were the main acting roles with Year 1 supporting by singing songs about the Christmas story.


Year 5- The Greatest Showman

Year 5 have just put on our version of The Greatest Showman and it had to be the GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!

There was superb singing, dazzling dancing and amazing acting throughout. We even had an email from Hugh Jackman to wish us all the best – WOW!! Not only that, but Swetenhams Chemists and Abakan donated some money towards our next school trip – DOUBLE WOW! Also, we are going to take the show on the road to Prenton High School – TRIPLE WOW!



Year 3- Egyptian Night Fever

In March 2019 Year 3 performed ‘Egyptian Night Fever’. What a performance! The children boogied their socks off. Everyone was so impressed with their singing, dancing and amazing acting.

Below are some photographs of the performance:

Year 4- Matilda The Musical

In February 2019 Year 4 recently performed ‘Matilda The Musical’. Everybody was blown away with their performance and it was the talk of the school for weeks!

Below are some photographs and videos of the performance- We hope you enjoy:





Year 1-  The Grumpy Innkeeper

Year 1 put on a wonderful performance which the whole school thoroughly enjoyed. They told the story of The Grumpy Innkeeper through songs and dances. All the children put in so much effort and should feel very proud.



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