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We can read in our dens, with an adult, or in one of our three library areas!

How can you help at home?

All our children from Foundation 1 through to Year 6 will be provided with a home reading book. This will be chosen from our reading scheme. The children progress through the levels, developing fluency and confidence and then move on to free choice reading books (usually Years 5 & 6.) We would expect most children to be changing their book at least once a week but reading books can of course be changed more regularly for our avid readers.


Top Tips

  • Try to read each day
  • Choose a quiet time and a quiet place
  • Please communicate with school and record any comments or concerns in your child’s reading log.
  • Try to make it fun by playing games or setting mini challenges
  • Talk lots about the book and check that your child understands the meaning of any new words.
  • Re-read familiar books for fluency, confidence and pleasure.

What to do if your child is struggling with their reading

  • Sound out the word using phonics knowledge (parent workshops are provided to help with this in Foundation stage and Key Stage 1)

  • Help reinforce tricky words which cannot be sounded out and just need to be read on sight Eg what, said, me

  • Read around the word or read on to the end of the sentence and then return to the word. Can you make sense of it now?

  • Look for picture clues to help you make a sensible guess.


  • Please arrange to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns.



Help your child’s reading with tips, fun activities and free eBooks:


Click here for the school’s reading policy and procedures:

Reading Policy


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