Welcome to Year 4!

The staff in Year 4 are:

Mrs Griffith 4G

Mr O’Keefe 4O

Mrs Porter

Mrs Teasdale

Señor Peña










Useful information:

In Year 4 the timetable is slightly different for Mrs Porter’s group. Please check you are looking at the right table!


Homework and PE Timetable:

4G and 4O

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 PE kits needed  PE kits needed
Spellings given out Spellings to be returned and tested
 Homework to be returned Homework given out
Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed

Mrs Porter’s

Please encourage your child to read at least 3 times each week and bring in their reading bag everyday. Thank you.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spellings given out Spellings given in and tested
Homework given out Homework due in
Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please click on the right link below to print another copy:

Mr O’Keefe Mrs Griffith Mrs Teasdale & Senor Pena Mrs Porter

Year 4 news...

Cave Painting

We had a fabulous time creating our cave paintings. We even made our very own paint just like the Stone Age people used to do! We used berries, charcoal and oil and then used sticks in place of paint brushes. Take a look at our wonderful work:

Merseyside Police Band

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to ‘The Merseyside Police Band’ earlier this week. We loved all the songs, but especially the Disney ones! We learnt all about the different instruments that make up the band. We didn’t want your performance to end. Well done everyone!

British Science Week 2018

Year 4 had so much fun during British Science Week. We got the chance to make our very own poo! We also had the opportunity to investigate our friend’s homemade poo and try and work out what that person had been eating. Sounds disgusting right? We hadn’t realised Science could be so fun! It was great becoming real-life archaeologists for the day! Take a look at some of the photographs below (if you dare) :

Sport Relief 2018

Mersey Park had a very successful Sport Relief this year! The children managed to raise a huge £1,109! All children took part in a Sport Relief Try-Athlon and carried out a variety of sporting activities.

Listed below are the winners of each event:

Year 1/2 Sport Relief Try-Athlon:

Skipping- 2M

Throwing Ball- 2S

Shuttle Run- 2M

Year 3/4 Sport Relief Try-Athlon:

Skipping: 4G

Bouncing Ball: 4Y

Shuttle Run: 4G

Year 5/6 Sport Relief Try-Athlon:

Skipping: 6D

Hockey Slaloms: 5O

Tennis Ball Bouncing: 6J

Overall it was an energetic and exciting day! We are so pleased our school could help in some way!

‘Mad Science’ Assembly

What a fascinating Friday Morning! We really enjoyed carrying out lots of fun and exciting experiments with Turbo Tom! Science is really like magic! We really couldn’t believe our eyes… from water turning into juice, to flying water, to green snotty foam and even a genie in a bottle! Take a look at some of the photographs below:

Antoni Gaudi Art Day

We had such an exciting day making our very own Antoni Gaudi lizards. We used wire, newspaper and masking tape to create our lizards. We then used tissue paper to create a mosaic look just like the artist himself. Here are some photographs of our day:

Not Exactly Mary Poppins

We had so much fun rehearsing and performing our school production ‘Not Exactly Mary Poppins’. We especially enjoyed all the lovely music. Well done to the narrators, dancers, actors and everyone involved! Our parents were so proud and we even saw a few tears at the end! Below are some pictures of our performance:

Take a look at the video which was shown at the end of our production. It was lovely to share our hopes and dreams for the future with our family and friends!



Safer Internet Day

We had a great time working with One Day Creative in a spy themed e-Safety workshop. The session reminded us how important it is to have our own passwords, to keep our information private and to be respectful on the Internet.

Chester Zoo Trip

Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying the Chester Zoo Trip. We had a fantastic time looking at all the wonderful animals. We learnt so much about the different types of animals. What an amazing day and a lovely Christmas treat!

Anti-Bullying Production

Years 1 – 6 thoroughly enjoyed an anti-bullying production earlier this week. It was lots of fun but had a number of important messages. Can you remember what they were?