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Behaviour Policies

Behaviour Policy & Covid-19 Behaviour Policy Amendments
Anti Bullying Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy Pathways of Help
Pathway of Help for Pupils

E-Safety Policies

e-Safety Policy
Social Network Agreement
Mobile Phone and Other Devices Agreement

Medical Policies

Asthma Policy
Medical Care Policy
Medicines Policy

Other School Policies

Accessibility Plan 2020-2023
Attendance Policy & Covid-19 Annex to the Attendance Policy
Birkenhead South Cluster Attendance Policy
Mental Health Policy
KS1 Calculation Policy
LKS2 Calculation Policy
UKS2 Calculation Policy
Charging Policy
Complaints Policy 
(All complaints or concerns should be dealt with by the class teacher initially. If not resolved the complaint will be heard by a senior member of staff or the Head teacher – Mrs M Thomas. If the issue is still not resolved a letter should be written to the Chair of Governors – Mr M Gilbertson)
Information sharing advice
Prevent Policy
Reading Policy
Relationships Policy
Safeguarding Policy 2019-2020
CCTV Policy
Certificate of Liability Insurance

Inclusion Policies

Single Equalities Policy
Equality Objectives

For Special Needs information please look at our S.E.N.D information page.

Data Protection

Privacy Notice – Pupils and Families
School Data Protection Policy 2018

If you require a paper copy of any of these policies please call in to the school office and we will be happy to provide one.