Welcome to Year 3!

The staff in Year 3 are:

Mrs Passmore

Miss Ludgate 3L

Mrs Relph 3R

Mrs McGinn
Señor Peña










Year 3 activities to complete at home:


Looking after Yourself

If you or your child is feeling stressed at this difficult time please visit the Childline Calm Zone for ideas, activities, games and videos to help you and your child keep calm.

Social distancing will takes its toll on all of us and it’s more important than ever that we look after our mental health. Yoga and Mindfulness are great ways to promote positive mental health and they can be done indoors without any fancy equipment. Please click here to access Yoga and Mindfulness resources. These sessions are perfect for families to do together to help everyone stay calm and relaxed through this difficult time.


Click the following link for advice for families coping with school closure:

How families can cope with self-isolation


Challenge Yourself!

Below is a link to 14 days of activities for your children. Each activity is hyperlinked to a resource on the ELSA Support website. If you click the BLUE TITLE of each activity it will take you to a page on the ELSA website.

14 Day Home Challenge

30 Day Coping Calendar

Try to also choose an activity each day to complete from the coping calendar below:



Non- Screen Activities

Below is a link to 25 non-screen activities your child could complete at home. Both fun and educational!

Non-screen activities


Keeping Active

Want to keep active at home? Then click here for free access to home training programmes for all ages.

You can also tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’ on his YouTube Channel ‘The Body Coach’ Monday- Friday 9am- 9.30am.


GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free:
• Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
• Downloadable curricular activities
• Recommended off-screen home activities

Click here to sign up.


Up for a short physical challenge? Check out these 60 second challenges:



Here are some activities for you to try, created in partnership with Complete PE, and you can download any of them from the following link. Find a daily activity by following them on their Twitter @YouthSportTrust.



This leaflet from Striver explains all the different yoga poses and how to do them.  Would be great to post some photos of the family having a go on the A Place to Talk email on the website’s homepage!
Yoga Poses


The Family Fit Club produce fun themed workout videos that children and their families can access completely free. The videos are for all the family, regardless of their age or ability and were designed by children and PE teachers to ensure that that all children stay engaged and have fun!



Young Champions has been created to provide children with home practice sessions to develop fitness, motor and sports skills. It will help children of all ages and abilities to play sport to the best of their ability and keep them active and healthy. A parent/carer should follow the link below to sign you up to access the videos:



Twinkl Resources

Twinkl is a website containing thousands of teaching and learning resources. The website is offering a FREE membership for ALL PARENTS. Please click on the link to sign up and make use of this fabulous resource:




Spellings week commencing 30/3/20

Mrs Relph and Miss Ludgate’s Group- Spelling Homework

Mrs McGinn and Senor Pena’s Group- Spelling Homework

Please use the following links for extra support with teaching spellings at home:

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings




Radioblogging.net broadcast a live show every morning at 9.30am.  It is fun and interactive with a new educational task every day.  Just listen and blog –  they might read your writing out on their live show.



Frank Cottrell Boyce, children’s author, is providing a creative writing lesson every day at 10.00am.  All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.  It can be accessed through Instagram at @frankcottrell_b


Here are some examples writing activities and games your child could complete at home:







Here are a couple of Year 3 comprehensions to complete:

Graham Bell Comprehension

Queen Victoria comprehension



Your child has been given their Bug Club username and password.This is a resource containing age appropriate books for your child to read at home. The books will be updated regularly by the class teacher (school code- ga6a).


James Mayhew, a children’s author, is reading a story every school day at 3pm.  Click here to visit his YouTube channel.

Audible (by Amazon) are instantly streaming  an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help children to continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. Click hereto read your favourite stories.


Why not listen to a story being read?


Need help to find suitable books for your child? Follow the link below:


Listen to Oliver Jeffers ‘A Book a Day’ story telling every day:


As a response to school closures, National Literacy Trust have developed a comprehensive web portal for parents, to support you during this time. Over the next days, weeks and months they will be updating the website as often as they can with new and useful content for parents. Visit their website below:



Other useful reading links:




Below is a chart of reading ideas to complete at home:


As you will be probably aware we are using the scheme ‘White Rose’ to support our teaching of Maths in school. The website is organising online training videos and activities for you to use at home. This is going to be an EXTREMELY valuable resource to use at home with your child. Please visit the following link to access the materials to support your child’s home learning.



Click here to see ‘White Rose Problem of the Day’. (KS1- page 1 of problems, KS2- page 2 of problems).


All children should have been given their username and password for the following links. Please use their login details to access these maths tools at home. If you do not know your child’s username and password then don’t worry, the websites are offering free access- just sign up!




Every weekday at 9am, two new lessons will be posted on here via YouTube: one aimed at children in Y3 & 4 and another for Y5 & 6. Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task. Then children will complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult support. Answers will be provided! (iseemaths.com)


Below are more links to maths resources and activities for your child to complete at home:






Times Table Practise 

All children have been given their usernames and passwords for Purple Mash. Please follow the link below to complete times table practise and assessments. Your class teacher will keep track of the progress your child is making.


Other times table activities:





Indoor Science activities from ‘British Science Association’:


Outdoor Science activities from ‘British Science Association’:



Here are some links to more science activities and games your child could complete at home:



Below are some resources to carry out your very own seed experiment at home! Have fun Year 3!

Adult Information

Investigation Conclusion

Observation Table



Below are links to history resources for your children to use at home:





Below are links to Geography resources for your children to use at home:






Online Safety and Computing

Click here for Online Safety activities for the whole family at home.

Below are some more Online Safety resources:

Think U Know activity pack for children aged 8-10



Please download Bee-Bot in the app store. This is a free game that allows children to practise moving Bee-Bot around a maze.

Learn to code with the following link:



Art and Design

Mo Willems (author and illustrator) has announced that he will be teaching drawing every weekday on YouTube to kids who are now at home. Mo will be having sessions called ‘Lunch Doodles’ where he will occupy the little ones by doodling together with them. Click the following link to visit his YouTube channel:


We have found some brilliant drawing activities online, and have therefore put together the following gallery. We hope you have fun! I think the teachers will enjoy having a go at some of these too.


P4C- Philosophy for Children

There will lots of resources available each week (for every year group) to get kids thinking and talking with their parents. The resources will change every Friday. There will be many games, questions, stories and riddles. Solutions to riddles will follow the next week. Please click the link below to access these free P4C resources:




We thought as we can’t do our Easter service in school you might like to look at these free resources and practice a new Easter song:


Beat Goes On- Body percussion online sessions. Delivered by Ollie Tunmer former STOMP cast member and teacher. Click the link to visit his YouTube channel:


Below are more links to music resources for your children to use at home:




Religious Education

Below are links to R.E. resources for your children to use at home:





Below are links to Spanish resources for your children to use at home:


Below is some Year 3 Spanish work set by Senor Pena:

Days of the week

Months of the year

Numbers and colours

Parts of the body


Below are links to Spanish songs the Year 3 children really enjoy singing in their Spanish lessons:






Fancy doing something a little different?

Why don’t you have a go at entering ‘The Secret Garden Competition’? Follow the link below for more details:


or click here to open the competition entry form.

Or visit ‘The Great Indoors’ website, which includes a bank of inspired indoor activity ideas to keep your children learning new skills and having fun all in ‘The Great Indoors’.

Please click here for more information.


Each week the following website will upload 5 new species, one for each working day, each with a downloadable image and a fact about that day’s species so you can learn about the wonderful creatures we share this planet with. Each species features a reference illustration and a downloadable colouring image which can either be printed out or edited on your computer or tablet.



Maybe try a bit of cooking at home with your parents? Click the following link for some scrumptious recipes:



Have a little look at the following photographs for some exciting Forest School ideas:


Useful information:

Click here to access the information presented at the welcome meeting.

Please make sure all PE kits and uniform are labelled.


Homework and PE Timetable:

Each reading group has their own set day for their reading books to be changed but they can be returned more frequently if required.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spellings given out P.E. Spellings to be returned and tested
Homework due in Homework given out


If your child has misplaced their spelling homework please see the current spellings below:


 Mrs Relph Miss Ludgate Mrs McGinn Senor Pena
No spelling homework this week. No spelling homework this week. No spelling homework this week. No spelling homework this week.

Year 3 news...

Port Sunlight Trip

Year 3 had a fantastic time during our trip to Port Sunlight. We went for a lovely walk and saw the famous soap factory that we’ve been learning about in History. We also visited The Lady Lever Art Gallery, the museum and cottage. We found out lots of information about Victorians. For Geography we looked at a compass to find out where all the famous landmarks could be found.

Food Tasting

In our History lesson we tasted some very strange Victorian food. We enjoyed the scones but we weren’t sure about the pickled mussels.


Punch and Judy

We have been making Punch and Judy puppets in DT. We sewed the coats first and then we made the heads. We love our finished puppets.

Division Work

Year 3 have been learning all about division with remainders during Maths Lessons. We are getting really confident at this!


In P4C we have been discussing the bush fires in Australia. We’ve been wondering if climate change in our climate is a worry to our environment.

William Morris

We have been learning all about William Morris in our Art lessons. We have been using acrylic paint and ink to create some lovely designs on paper and fabric.

Bird Watching

Year 3 and 4 RSPB Big National Bird watch! We mainly saw Pigeons, Starlings and Magpies. We enjoyed a hot chocolate and used binoculars!

Fun Fitness Friday

What an exciting day! We will definitely be relaxing over the weekend. We have enjoyed a day full of exercise and fun. Thank you Mr Murphy for our wonderful session. We enjoyed exercising to 80’s and 90’s music! We can’t wait for the next Fun Fitness Friday!


Year 3 have been working hard to learn the Spanish months of the year. How do we sound?

Number Lines

We have been using a number line to help make sensible estimations.