Pupil Community Group

Our Pupil Community Group is made up of pupils who have been chosen by their class for the academic year, through a democratic process. They meet regularly to discuss ways they can fundraise for our school.

Each year we support three national charitable causes, Children in Need, Sport Relief and Comic Relief. This helps raise lots of money and gives all pupils a chance to dress up, have fun and support these worthy causes.

We also support The Rotary Shoebox Appeal at Christmas time by asking parents for donations and then packing nearly 50 boxes with essential items and goodies. Our photograph has even appeared in the Rotary Club newsletter some years!


Play Leaders

We are currently unable to have Play Leaders as children are staying safe in their ‘bubbles’.  We will reintroduce this role as soon as we are able.

Year six pupils are offered training to become a Play Leader, to support the work of the Mid-Day Assistants who work with the younger children during lunch time.  Here are their thoughts about ‘What is the Job of a Playleader?’ which they work on each year in their training session. Click on the image if you would like to make it larger.

This is the school’s ‘Play Leader Job Description’:

The lower playground Mid-day Assistants, have led training for our Play Leaders, supported by Mrs Tootell, the Deputy Head. Here are some of our Play Leaders, from previous years, enjoying their role at lunchtime.


The Key Stage 1 pupils were interviewed by Mrs Tootell to find out whether they liked playing with the Play Leaders. These are some of the things that they said:

‘I look forward to seeing the Play Leaders.’
‘They teach us new things that we can do when we are Play Leaders.’
‘They are fun!’
‘They make me feel happy!’
‘They are kind and they look after you.’

Each Friday one of the Play Leaders are chosen to receive a certificate in our Awards Assembly. Who will get Play Leader of the week in awards assembly this week?


e-Safety Cadets

Our e-Safety Cadets wear their badge with pride.

To help ensure the work undertaken in our e-Safety sessions is relevant to the pupils and stays up to date we have set up a team of e-Safety Cadets. They had to apply for their position and have been given their own job description, which includes being used across the school to support e-Safety work, communicate with parents about e-Safety and to help write the curriculum and policies.

The e-Safety Cadets meet on a regular basis to discuss any concerns, changes to the curriculum and new technology. They are given the opportunity in these meetings to discuss freely the technology they use and make adaptations to school lessons and policies. The e-Safety Cadets have influenced our e-Safety curriculum to ensure we are covering the work that is most relevant to our pupils.

There are a number of the e-Safety Cadets who now present an e-Safety message at the beginning of any productions. The message is “We are two of the e-Safety Cadets in school. We would like to remind you that you can take photographs of the production for personal use. But please consider other people’s choices and if you choose to post photos on social media make sure they only contain your child.” This was written by the Cadets themselves and highlights the importance of our e-Safety policies to the parents.


Eco Council

We are pleased to announce that Mersey Park Primary has recently been awarded ‘The Eco-Schools Green Flag Award’. The Eco-Schools Green Flag is an internationally recognised award for excellence in environmental action and learning.

We have a very successful Eco Council who lead eco activities in our school, supported by Mrs Porter. Our Eco Council meet regularly to discuss ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and to protect our environment.  They work to achieve our eco action plan and raise awareness of green issues within school. This gives our children the chance to discuss ways to make our school kinder to our planet.  This year they are leading the work on Unicef’s OutRight project through the school’s work as a Rights Respecting School. Click here for more details.

Each class elects an eco warrior to represent the class for the year and they take part in activities such as planting, tidying up the school grounds and the park and generally having outdoor fun!

Below are a few photographs of the Eco Team taking part carrying out some of their important activities. You are doing a great job, keep it up!

Mini Police

This project is currently on hold due to Coronovirus restrictions. We will recommence this initiative as soon as we are able to safely work alongside the partner agencies.

Mersey Park consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside Merseyside Police and their ‘Mini Police’ project. Pupils in Year Five have the opportunity to apply for a position within the Mini Police force. These selected will represent our school and Merseyside Police in a range of activities.

These activities have included:

  • Holding whole school assemblies, for example firework safety in the lead up to Bonfire Night
  • Leafleting the local area, informing residents of local police initiatives
  • Participating in traffic initiatives, for example Operation Mosca focusing on dangerous parking in the local area
  • Packing bags in supermarkets to raise funds for local charities
  • Visiting an emergency services control centre.

Watch this space to see who our new recruits are!