The cook, Mrs. Perkins, and the dinner ladies, Ms. Byrne, Mrs. Pilling, Mrs. Simmons, Ms. Richards and Mrs. Wylde prepare great food in our kitchen. Children are offered a variety of lunches with extra sides and tasty desserts.





From September 2019 there are 3 menus which will be used on a weekly rolling programme. These menus are given below. Each day your child will be able to choose from the options on the menu. The Deli Bar will only be available to Key Stage 2 pupils (Year 3 to Year 6). Please click on the link below to see the options that will be available.

Currently, our usual meal selection process is suspended – please see the information below.

Arrangements for School Meals

We now have new arrangements for our school meals.  Each child has now completed a weekly meal selection form.  This will be used to order their selected choice form the school kitchen each day.  Please follow the link below for an example of the form.

School Meal Choice form

School Menu

Please ask at the office, if you would like your child to have school dinners. Meals can be paid for using our online system ParentPay, please follow the link:

Welcome to Parent Pay



Our lovely cook, Lynne Taylor, who has been at our school for almost 20 years, very sadly passed away. This is a huge loss to Mersey Park Primary and she will always be sadly missed. We have a plaque above the kitchen door to ensure she is always remembered.