Science Club

Our children have the opportunity to attend a science club where they investigate more into the fun side of science. They investigate how the viscosity of a liquid can affect how they mix. They discover the world of chromatography to create their own colourful flowers. They investigate forces by creating their own rocket racers and sticky slime.

Art Club

During KS1 Art club they explore different artists and their work who inspire them to create a variety of arts and crafts including mosaics, watercolour and clay art.


Recorder Club

In Autumn term the children in Year 3 have the opportunity to attend a recorder club.








Computing Club

KS1 Computer Programming club is great fun. They create a race between different animals, the classic game Pong and a jumping game with a scoring system. Throughout they use the character strengths of teamwork and friendship to help each other create and debug their games.










Choir Club

KS2 Choir Club is held during lunchtimes every week. The Mersey Park Choir enjoy preparing for special events such as the Christmas service at church. Their performance includes solos, duets and choral singing.