Welcome to Year 5!

The staff in Year 5 are:


Mrs Relph 5R

Mr Smith 5S

Miss Harrison 5H

Señor Peña

Mrs Williams

Mrs Baldwin


We would like to welcome the parents and pupils starting in Year 5 to meet the staff and find out a little more about how the year will run. Enjoy our presentation:


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Mersey Park Half Term Overview Year 5 Spring 1

Mersey Park Half Term Overview Year 5 Spring 2


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Homework and PE Timetable:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
P.E. P.E.
Homework given out Homework to be returned
Spellings given out Spellings to be returned and tested
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Year 5 news...

Home Learning Timetable

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Year 5 Timetable

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing pack for home learning.


Art Day

As part of our whole school Art Day, and to celebrate Black History Month, Year Five produced a fantastic collaborative piece of artwork. The art work that provided the inspiration for their piece was called ‘Black Children Keep your Spirits Free’ by artist Carolyn Mims Lawrence. Our completed piece of work will be displayed in Upper Hall for all to see.

Eco Team

Year Five members of the Eco Team worked hard alongside Mrs Porter. They weeded the borders and completed a general tidy up of the area. All ready for planting in Spring!

DT Day

As part of DT (cookery), Year Five researched the history of Scouse. They then prepared, cooked and tasted this delicious local dish. It went down a treat!

The Goblin Catcher

The Goblin Catcher came to Mersey Park! The children had the opportunity to ask the visitor a range of questions about the role and what makes a good Goblin Catcher. Thankfully, there weren’t any goblins in the hall – on that day anyway.

Lava Lamps

We had great fun making our own Lava Lamp for Science Week – and it was so simple too!

All we did was fill a small bottle with two thirds of oil, the rest with water, then add 5 or so drops of food colouring.

Then, we added an Alka-Seltzer tablet, sat back and watched the magic!

It was incredible!


Our afternoon certainly went off with a BANG this week when we set off all of the volcanoes we made for our homework.

Not only did they look so lifelike, but the lava looked great too.

Who would have thought that a little bit of bicarbonate soda, vinegar, food colouring and creativity could make us smile and gasp so much?

Fun Fitness Friday

What an exciting day! We will definitely be relaxing over the weekend. We have enjoyed a day full of exercise and fun. We can’t wait for the next Fun Fitness Friday!

Water Bottle Holders

Year 5 have spent the day designing and making water bottle holders. It has been very tricky to learn new sewing techniques, but we’ve used our growth mindsets to persevere. These holders will be finished over the next week or so. Watch this space!