This year we have been evaluating our curriculum and making changes to make it more relevant for the children at Mersey Park Primary School.

Below is a link to our Curriculum Intent statement.

Curriculum Intent Statement

Please click on the year groups below to see our long term curriculum plans for Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6:

Long term overview Foundation 1 Autumn 2018-2019

Long term overview Foundation1 Spring 2018-2019

Long term overview Foundation 1 Summer Term 2018-2019

Long term overview Foundation 2 Autumn 2018

Long term overview Foundation2 Spring

Long term overview Foundation2 Summer 2018

Long term overview Year 1

Long term overview Year 2

Long term overview Year 3

Long term overview Year 4

Long term overview Year 5

Long term overview Year 6

Please click on the titles of the topics below to read about the curriculum your child covers in school. If you would like to know more about any of the curriculum please do not hesitate to speak to one of the teachers in the appropriate year group – they are always happy to discuss your child’s education with you.

Year 1:

Autumn 1: Sensational Seasons
Autumn 2: Toys and Games
Spring 1: Food
Spring 2: Buildings
Summer 1: Holidays/ Seaside
Summer 2: Holidays/ Seaside continued

Year 2:

Autumn 1: Transport
Autumn 2: Fire Fire
Spring 1: Katie Morag and Struay
Spring 2: Katie Morag and Stray continued
Summer 1: Time Detectives
Summer 2: Time Detectives continued

Year 3:

Autumn 1: Brilliant Britain
Autumn 2: The Victorians
Spring 1: The Victorians continued
Spring 2: Food
Summer 1: The Egyptians
Summer 2: The Egyptians continued

Year 4:

Autumn 1: Ancient Greece
Autumn 2: Ancient Greece continued
Spring 1: Passport to Europe
Spring 2: Passport to Europe continued
Summer 1: Stone Age to Iron Age
Summer 2: Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 5:

Autumn 1: The Romans
Autumn 2: The Romans continued
Spring 1: Our Wonderful World
Spring 2: Our Wonderful World
Summer 1: Crime and Punishment
Summer 2: Anglo Saxons

Year 6:

Autumn 1: Water
Autumn 2: In My Liverpool Home
Spring 1: In My Liverpool Home continued
Spring 2: The Vikings
Summer 1: The Viking continued
Summer 2: The Mayan Civilization


In order to provide a wealth of experiences and extend our curriculum beyond the classroom here are links to a number of areas you could look at with your child/children:





ICT Skills