At Mersey Park we are keen to remember our roots. We use various resources in school topics to research the history of the school building and the people who have previously been involved at the school. This might be records from the head teacher’s log book, old drawings of the school, memories from past staff, details of pupils who have attended the school or a wider range of artefacts.

Did you know:

  • both Patricia Routledge and Jason McAteer attended Mersey Park Primary School?
  • the first headmaster was known as “Pa Hughes” by the pupils?

These pages are going to allow us to share this information with you, the wider community. Click on the decade you would like to access to see what information and artefacts are available for Mersey Park Primary School from that time.

Some decades are still under construction – sorry for any inconvenience caused – please keep checking them for updated information.

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The first bantam battalions were recruited in Birkenhead by Alfred Bigland. Unfortunately, they needed somewhere to occupy for training purposes and that meant the closure of Mersey Park Primary School during the war years.Therefore, as this notice to parents states the children had to attend afternoon sessions from 1:30pm to 5pm at Woodchurch Road School until further notice.

We think that this photograph maybe from the early 1900′s. Unfortunately we have no information about this picture. If you can add any information or recognise anyone, please contact the school as we would love to fill in some of the gaps.

We think this photograph was taken around 1910, although we are unsure of exact dates and are unable to name anyone in this picture. Recognise anyone? Please let us know!

We think this was probably around the same time. We know that this is a photograph of class IX and believe Dora Betty is the little girl on the second row, second from the right. If you have more information on this photograph please let us know!

Here is another picture from around that time. We think the little boy third from the left, on the front row is Sidney Birchall. If you recognise anyone else in this photograph, or have any further information about this picture, then please let us know!

Certificate awarded to Dora Beatty, on 31st July 1914, for good attendance and general good conduct for two years.

Certificate awarded to Dora Beatty, 31st July 1915, for good attendance and general good conduct for three years.

Certificate awarded to Mary Jones, 31st July 1915, for general good progress.

Certificate awarded to Dora Beatty, 31st July 1916, for good attendance and general good conduct for four years.

Certificate awarded to Mary Jones, 31st July 1916, for general progress and cookery.

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This photograph only has two details on the back of it – we know C Radford is somewhere on the photograph and it was taken in 1919. We also know that the fourth child on the front row (the young boy in the sailor suit- behind chalkboard) is Mr Fred Jones who lived on Mallory Road. Any further information would be greatly appreciated!

Do you recognise anyone in this infant class photograph from 1921? Let us know if you do!

Do you recognise anyone in this infant class photograph from 1925? Let us know if you do!

This is part of a letter from a lady who was a pupil in the 1920′s. Here she is reminiscing about the cane and the lessons she learnt from the headmaster. Later in the letter she states “Sixty years on, I and many others say thank you Mersey Park school for “Happy Days”.

This is a certificate awarded to Eric Dickinson in July 1922 for his good attendance and punctuality.

Do you recognise anyone in this infant class photograph from 1927? Let us know if you do!

Do you recognise anyone in either of these class photographs from 1928? Let us know if you do!

We believe this photo shows Glenys Penry Phillips fourth from the right on the first row and possibly her future husband Thomas Herbert Fisher far right on the second row.

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In 1930 this article featured in the Birkenhead News about the first headmaster at Mersey Park Primary School.Thank you to Mr Cecil White, who was a pupil during the 1920′s, for providing us with this photocopy of the press cutting.

Retirement notice- retirement of Headmaster at Mersey Park Council School, Mr. Richard Hughes. Headteaher from 1907- 1930

Tributes to Headmaster, Mr. Richard Hughes.

Mr Hughes- headmaster withdrawal letter. Thank you to the headmaster’s grandson (Alun L Hughes) for sending this information across.



A photograph staged for the Press for headmaster retirement. Picture stamped on the back, ‘Allied Newspapers Ltd’


A photograph from 1930, including Headmaster Mr Richard Hughes and his wife to his right.


Extract from the minutes of proceedings of the elementary school sub-committee of 7th April, 1930.

In 1931 this letter was received following a visit to the school acknowledging “Mr Foulkes, Miss Tart and the teachers are making good and lasting impressions on the children”.

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Do you recognise anyone in these class photographs from around 1950? Let us know if you do!

Thank you to Clive Redhead who has emailed to let us know his mother, maiden name Norma Elizabeth Woolley, is in this photograph on the back row, fifth from the left. It’s great to hear you have still been driving past the school and have such fond memories.

The ARP (Air Raid Precautions) were organised by the national government and delivered by the local authorities. The aim was to protect civilians from the danger of air-raids. This photograph shows the ARP Wardens who were based at Mersey Park Primary School during WWII.

Click the link below to see the Logbook from May 1945 when school, like the rest of the country, celebrated VE day!

Headteacher’s logbook from 1945 – includes VE day (8th May)

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In 1952 we had a very successful cricket team at Mersey Park Primary. Here they are!

Back row: Teachers- Mr. Clancey, Mr. Hare (headteacher), the one-armed Mr. Hooper & finally Mr. Goodier.

Middle row: 6th- Ian Tudor

The front row: 1st- Dougie Jones 2nd- John Cropper, 3rd- John Webster 4th- Ian Baker 5th- Ian Holcroft last- Michael Thomason

If you know anymore names please email us and let us know!

In June 1953 the pupils at Mersey Park joined many other people across the country in celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1953 the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated right across the country – as this extract from the logbook states school was closed for 3 days as part of the celebrations. When the children returned to school they were each given a celebration “Coronation Mug”. I wonder if anyone still has theirs?

A video of Mersey Park Primary School from 1953:

In 1954 the Mersey Park cricket team were successful in winning the schools trophy. Well done!

In both 1955 and 1956 Mersey Park were champions in the South Primary Football League. Here are the winning teams.

In 1956 the girls became the Rounders champions. Here they are with their winners’ shield.

In 1961 this class photograph was taken. We believe the teacher (in the middle of the photograph) is Mr. Eric Parkinson. If you recognise anyone in the photograph please let us know!

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We have recently been contacted by Mark Critchley who wrote to say:

“I am just writing to say how grateful I am for the amazing education I received at Mersey Park School from about 1964 to 1970, when I left to start at Rock Ferry High.
The solid foundation I received in English and Maths in particular set me in good stead for further academic success in life. I now teach summer Academic English Language courses to foregin Masters students at The School of Management in Liverpool University, so using Mersey Park’s famous old grammar book entitled “First Aid to English’ (of which I still have an updated copy) cannot have done me anythiing but good!!  I have also had a good teaching career at Universities in China and Saudi Arabia (and elsewhere) on the strength of these fundamentals received whilst studying with you at Mersey Park.
Equally, it was the innovative approach of my then teacher Mr E Hooper who linked with a peer teacher from the 1960s Newtown of Genvilliers, Paris, and enthused me so much with the French language, that I also have a Bachelors degree in French… so this came about principally thanks to enjoying language lessons with him!”


The 1965-66 Football team were proud to be Cup Finalists and Championship Runners-Up. How smart they look here in their full kit.

We have been very lucky to have lots of past pupils get in touch as the memories section of our website brings back fond times. A huge thank you to Rhoda Malloy (nee Critchley) for these memories “Mr Parkinson taught me in 1967, 1968 and 1969. He was an excellent teacher, firm but fair, with a very good sense of humour. He had a passion for the French language which he passed on to me, teaching his pupils how to construct simple sentences, how to count to 20 and many French songs that have stayed with me to this day – I have just turned sixty! This knowledge of a foreign language proved to be an invaluable boost to my self confidence when I passed the entrance exam to Birkenhead High School, as very few Primary schools taught French in those days. It became by far my favourite subject and I chose to study it at A level along with German and English. I firmly believe that it was due to my fabulous start with Mr Parkinson that I ended up getting an A in French in 1976. I continued to study French with Education at university and became a primary school teacher in Leeds, teaching Reception Class, plus Years 1, 2, 3 and 4, retiring early due to an accident, three years ago.
I will be forever grateful to Mersey Park Primary School for such a wonderful start to my education.”


Miss Storey’s class in 1968 had this class photograph taken. If you recognise yourself in this photograph please let us know! Thank you to Jan (Janet Dawson) who got in touch to say: “I’ve spotted myself on Miss Storey’s photo 1968. Middle row 1st on the left. I still have this photo and another one with the mayoress of Birkenhead with some of the netball team!”

This class photograph was taken in 1969. If you recognise yourself in the photograph please let us know! We believe the teacher had the initials EP and this was an 11+ class. Thank you to Deborah Fraser who got in touch to say, “I attended Mersey Park in the sixties. The teacher E.P. was Mr Parkinson, he was my teacher. He used to cycle to school on a Raleigh bicycle and wore jackets with leather patches on the elbows. I remember him as a very kind man.”

Thank you also to Rhoda Malloy (nee Critchley) who wrote to say “despite living in the north of Scotland now, I heard about your search for past pupils’ memories – seeing the photograph taken in 1969, took me right back to the very happy times I had with my friends in school. I am unable to recall all the names of the children in the photo, but many have come back to me:
The 4 girls in the middle of the front row are Gail Gaskell (sleeveless, white blouse), Pauline Dodds (striped top), Sharon Hanley (red dress) and Deborah Benson (sleeveless, flowery dress).
I am on the second row, third from the left, wearing a maroon cardigan with my prefect badge on. Next to me is Janet Roach (red cardigan), Daphne Howard (yellow blouse), Kim Wade (flowery dress), Carol Bailey in black and white and the boy on the end wearing glasses is Brian Jones.
On the third row I remember Stephen Smeltzer, second from the left, next to Tarina Holland. Lesley Little is the tall girl in the yellow dress with white cardigan.
Far left on the back row is red-headed Larry Jones, the naughtiest boy in the class! Suzanne Beacall was third from the left, then Linda Chisholm. I think the tall boy may have been Anthony ……… Pauline Eccleston was next (cream cardigan with brown buttons, then Susan Jones. Lynne Evans, is second from the right.
When I first started school, my teacher was Mrs Audley for at least a couple of years and I also remember being in Mrs Bassnett’s class at some point.”

We believe these photographs of a French Club and trip to Paris were taken around this time. If you can give us any further information or anecdotes about this trip please get in touch!

Thank you to Julie Glover who got in touch to say, “I was present on the picture of the trip to Paris. We were accompanied by Mr Hooper and Miss Radford. Mr Hooper had lost an eye and an arm in World War 2. He was passionate about France and was our French teacher. I was a prefect and voted the first head girl of Mersey Park School. I enjoyed all of my time there.”

In 1970 the Girls Athletics team did particularly well and won this trophy.

1971 was a successful year for sports at Mersey Park – both the Joint Rounders team and the Cricket team became champions. Thank you to Julie Glover who got in touch to say, “I was one of the rounders team on the 1971 picture I was left of the teacher on the right who was Miss Radford the other teacher on the left was Miss Pritchard.”

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Take a look at this video to see what Mersey Park Primary School would have been like in 1979-1981.


In 1970’s these boys played together as a team. If anyone can provide any further information we would love to hear from you!


To start this decade we became Cricket League (South) Champions in 1973. As with all the other photographs if you recognise anyone or have a tale to tell please let us know!

In 1974 the boys Cricket team became League and Knockout Champions. Here they are with their trophies. Mersey Park seems to have a history of winning cricket teams!

1975 saw the girls Netball team became Town Netball Champions. Here they are in their kit. Do you remember playing for the school team? Do you have any tales to tell?

Between the years of 1975 and 1978 these ladies were members of KS2 staff. Top row 2nd from left we think was Miss Fletcher, the headmaster’s secretary. Bottom row from left to right, Mrs Derek, Miss Cowan (Mrs James after marriage) and Mrs Auderly. Do you remember any of the other teachers? Please get in touch if you do!

This class photograph was taken around 1979. If you recognise anyone in the photograph please let us know!

In 1979 Miss Fletcher retired from teaching. Here she is receiving a clock for her service to the school.

On June 26th 1981 Mersey Park school celebrated their 75th anniversary. On the right is Ellen Weston and on the left is Susan Hampson dressed in Victorian costumes enjoying the day.

1983 saw a Mayoral visit to Mersey Park. Here are some of the staff enjoying the company of the mayor and mayoress.

In 1983 these photographs were addressed to the headteacher. Unfortunately we have no more information on this event but clearly Mersey Park was visited by the mayor on more than one occasion! If you know anything about this event please let the school office know!

Thank you to Mark Williams who got in touch to say,

“The best teacher in the school was Mr Parkinson, he was a wonderful man who would cycle up our road in the morning to get to school. He would spend hours drawing birds on the blackboard with coloured chalk and teach French. He was a very keen cinematographer and must have recorded many years of archive footage of the school and pupils. In the summer he would take a class of children and create mini adventure films to be shown to the school at the end of term.”Mark Williams also mentions, “Mr Casement also deserves a mention as he was another teacher who went the extra mile for his pupils, I used to look forward to the next chapter of Three Men in a Boat, read on a Friday afternoon.”

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In 1993 these two class photographs were taken. If you recognise the teachers or any of the pupils please let us know! We would love to hear any stories or memories you have of your time at Mersey Park.

Thank you to Catherine Renfrey who is on the right of this photograph. She was a member of the teaching staff at Mersey Park for 9 or 10 years. The other member of staff on this photograph is apparently Jean Bailey who helped with reading.

In February 1993 the school was at risk of having to close its crèche facilities so the staff, parents and toddlers joined together to protest against the closure. These two articles are from ‘The News’ and ‘Liverpool Echo’ covering the protests!

1993 Wirral News article
1993 Liverpool Echo article

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This is Mr Rummery’s class from 1995. If you were in this class or recognise anyone on the photograph please let us know. We’d love to hear your memories of Mersey Park.

This class photograph was taken in 1996. If you recognise the teacher or any of the pupils please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.