Mersey Park Primary School

Financial Education Vision Statement


At Mersey Park, we believe that in today’s society it is essential that children are educated and equipped for the financial world that we live in. We need to prepare them to be active and responsible financial citizens and have a secure understanding of how managing finances and budgets can impact on their future lives and careers. We believe it is vital that our children develop a good understanding of finance in order to help them plan and manage a range of financial circumstances as they grow older. We have tailored our curriculum so that we educate children about finance so that they develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to money in order to equip them for life. This will lead to empowerment, informed decisions, confidence, calculation of risks and increase their economic links with the wider world.


Financial Education is important to all of our children and families, and we believe that we can provide a strong foundation in financial understanding and a range of opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to allow them to flourish in the future and live financially secure and successful lives. We want all of our pupils to feel empowered to make their own informed decisions to use, plan and manage money effectively.


We are very pleased to have been awarded the status of Centre of Excellence in financial education. We have been recognised as providing practical, effective and sustainable financial education for the young people at our school.




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