Working together to improve school attendance

Click the following link for further information: Attendance Leaflet for Parents

If you are unsure whether your child should stay off school if they are unwell, click here for advice.

The school’s attendance policy can be viewed here.

Please click  here to see what good punctuality means at Mersey Park Primary School.

The Department for Education provides advice and support for parents/carers to support their child’s attendance.  The following documents are available by clicking on the link:

Working Together to Improve School Attendance

School Attendance and Absence


We expect every child to work towards gaining 97% attendance or better. See the tables below:





































Attendance Rewards

  • At the end of each term, all children with 97% attendance or better in that term, are entered in to a raffle to win a Smyths voucher.
  • At the end of the year, all children with attendance of 97% or better, are entered into a prize draw to win one of our attendance raffle prizes.
  • Each Friday the children have the chance to win £5 in our ‘Five for Five’ reward. A name is randomly selected and if that child has been in school for all five days that week, they win the £5. If they have not been in all week there is a roll over to the next week when there is a chance to win £10!
  • Every week we celebrate each class’ attendance in Awards Assembly by looking at our Attendance League. The class at the top of the league look after Daley Bear for the following week.

  • All classes with attendance of 97% or better, each week, will receive a body part to add to their ‘Potato Head’.  Once their ‘Potato Head’ is full they receive a class reward, such as a non-uniform day.
  • In each classroom there is a display that shows weekly attendance.   Rewards are given for 100% attendance for the week and improvement.
  • Each term we monitor punctuality throughout the school.  Rewards are given for pupils who arrive in school every day on time.