Mersey Park Mindset

At Mersey Park, we teach our children to have a positive approach towards life in school. We teach them the skills of perseverance, resilience, effort and reflection. These skills are then applied to all aspects of school life. Research by Developmental Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford University points to people having one of two mindsets: Growth and Fixed. A child’s belief about intelligence is an important factor in whether they become an effective learner.


Growth Mindset

  • Belief that intelligence is malleable and can develop and improve.
  • Success takes effort and persistence, learning from our mistakes and rising to challenges.



Fixed Mindset

  • Belief that intelligence is something you are born with.
  • You can’t change your intelligence much. “In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. 


In Mersey Park we want our children and families to have a Growth Mindset. We believe our values of ‘ Work Hard’ and ‘ Never Give Up’ will lead to our intelligence growing and with persistence we can achieve more.




If pupils believe that their intelligence can grow and can persevere despite setbacks, this leads to resilient learners.

  • The key is being keen to learn and not giving up.
  • It requires the ability to overcome negative feelings when finding a task difficult and continue with the task in hand until they succeed.
  • Challenges should be enjoyed and not feared.
  • Mistakes are good and help us all to learn.


What approaches does Mersey Park take to develop a Growth Mindset with children ?

  • Direct teaching and revisiting the approach.
  • Using feedback, praise and vocabulary designed to promote and highlight Growth Mindset.
  • Showing pupils that their brain and body can physically achieve more through training and effort.
  • Giving clear and inspirational examples of others who have used their Growth Mindset to achieve great things.
  • Adopting the Austin’s Butterfly approach by giving specific praise to enable pupils to improve their work.


Our younger children may talk about the characters Mindi and Teezle. Mindi has a Growth Mindset and Teezle has a Fixed Mindset.



Take a look at some of the displays you may see around our school:



We also help our children apply their Mersey Park Mindset to their behaviour – working hard to make good choices, reflecting on their behaviour and always striving to be the best they can.