Welcome to Year 2!

The staff in Year 2 are:

Mrs Inman 2I

Mrs Eccles

Mrs Robertson 2R

Mrs Perkins

Ms McGinn


We would like to welcome the parents and pupils starting in Year 2 to meet the staff and find out a little more about how the year will run. Enjoy our presentation:


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Mersey Park Half Term Overview Year 2 Spring 1

Mersey Park Half Term Overview Year 2 Spring 2

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Useful information:

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Toast money (50 pence per week) should be paid on parent pay or brought into school in a labelled envelope at the beginning of each half term.

Homework and PE Timetable:

Mrs Inman 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Homework to be returned Homework given out
Spellings to be returned Spellings to be tested and next week’s spellings given out
Reading books to be returned Reading books will be sent out



Year 2 news...

Talk for Writing

In Year 2 we love writing stories. We realise a great way of becoming a skilled story writer is to adapt ideas that have already been created. We use Talk for Writing to act out and redraft famous stories before writing our own versions.

What’s the time, Year 2?

If you’re ever stuck when telling the time speak to Year 2. They have been showing great skills when using the clocks to recognise time to 15 minute intervals.

Katie Morag

Do you know who this popular character is?

How many of her adventures can you talk about?

Who is the author that writes all these stories?

Where do you think authors get their ideas from?

Island or Mainland


Would you rather live on an island or on the mainland?

What are the advantages of living on an island?

What are the disadvantages of living on an island?

Living Things

Which animals can you spot in the pictures?

What is a habitat?

Can you explain why they are suited to living in their habitat?

Which of our food stations do you think would attract the most birds?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We are enjoying our first Literacy Spine book – The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. We have worked on character descriptions, identifying and describing different foods using our senses and are currently writing our version of the story. Here’s a few highlights:

P4C and Growth Mindset

We have been enjoying our lessons on Growth Mindset and have used them to have a number of P4C discussions on questions raised. We have worked together to think about our worries, our goals and setting ourselves targets.


Year 2 have spent September thinking about the British Value of Democracy. We realised this was each having a say and the chance to vote for those we think would be good in certain roles. We took part in three votes for the roles of e-Safety Cadet, eco-committee member and PCG representative.

Home Learning Timetable

Click below to see an example daily timetable for Home Learning.

Year 2 Example Timetable

Talking Time Detectives

Can you become talking Time Detectives Year 2?  Find someone in your family, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or your own parents who has time to talk to you about what their classroom was like when they were at school. What did they use to write with? What was up on their classroom walls? Did they read nice, colourful books like we do? Were they able to use an iPad or laptop to do a computer lesson? How did they complete Science experiments?

How classroom technology is holding students back | MIT Technology ...