Please click on the link below for admission arrangements to school:

If your child is due to start Foundation 2 in September 2017 you can apply online through the Wirral website found here. Before you make your application it is strongly advised that you read the authority’s information booklets for parents and the admission policy for the school. The deadline for applications is 15th January 2017.


Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

For our Foundation 1 (Nursery) admission policy, please click on the link below. Parents should apply for a place in our Foundation Stage 1 class directly to the Headteacher. Application forms are available from the school office. The form should be completed and returned together with the child’s birth certificate.  Early application for a place in Foundation Stage 1 is advisable. The policy includes full details of the oversubscription criteria for when there are more applications than places available.

Foundation 1 Admissions Policy

If we are oversubscribed with more applications than places available the following criteria will be followed:

  • first priority should be given to those with a medical reason, particularly if it is related to a special provision made at the school; the condition has to be relevant to the provision or circumstances at the school or class in question).
  • consideration will then be given to applications from parents where there is a sibling connection as long as the sibling(s) is(are) still registered at school on the commencement date of that child’s entry into Foundation 1.
  • if there are still places available, out of zone applications will be considered with those children living closest to school being allocated places first.