URENCO- Science Dayffff

We had an informative day with URENCO. We learned all about acids and alkalis and also about how different things can be separated.

Firstly- We found out sieves can be used to separate different size things.

Next- We scooped different white powders into wells. We added an indicator to each and observed the liquid substance changing colour. They changed colour to blue, pink or purple. Purple showed it was neutral, the pink showed an acid and the blue showed an alkali.

After that- We then tested two different types of pens. We first put a dot of ink on filter paper. We then added drops of hydrogen hydroxide. This showed the pens were made up of different colours.

Lastly- We separated water and lettuce using a centrifuge. We pressed the button at the top, this made it spin around really quickly and the water fell to the bottom. The centrifuge separated the two things using weight and gravity. We found out that this is exactly how URENCO separate uranium!