1940 – 1950ffff

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Do you recognise anyone in these class photographs from around 1950? Let us know if you do!

Thank you to Clive Redhead who has emailed to let us know his mother, maiden name Norma Elizabeth Woolley, is in this photograph on the back row, fifth from the left. It’s great to hear you have still been driving past the school and have such fond memories.

The ARP (Air Raid Precautions) were organised by the national government and delivered by the local authorities. The aim was to protect civilians from the danger of air-raids. This photograph shows the ARP Wardens who were based at Mersey Park Primary School during WWII.

Click the link below to see the Logbook from May 1945 when school, like the rest of the country, celebrated VE day!

Headteacher’s logbook from 1945 – includes VE day (8th May)