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My name is Mrs Thomas and I have the privilege of being the Head Teacher of Mersey Park Primary School. We are very proud of our school and its community. We promote a friendly family atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to show care for each other. We aim to ensure that everyone in our school feels safe and secure in their learning environment. We also promote high standards of achievement for all, encouraging pupils to work hard and persevere at tasks they may find difficult.

Our three main values ‘Be Nice’, ‘Work Hard’ and ‘Never Give Up’ are central to everything we do and all children have been involved in deciding what these values mean to them. We offer an exciting curriculum which has been designed to engage all our children and help them develop a love of learning. We hope this website will give you more insight into our school and provide you with important information. If you require a paper copy of any of the information, please contact the school office to arrange a supply free of charge.

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What's On
  • Flu Immunisation - FS2 - Year 4 December 4, 2017 ..

    Children in reception and years 1, 2, 3 and 4 are being offered a flu vaccination in school. This vaccination is recommended to help protect your child against flu. Flu can be an unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications.  Vaccinating your child will also help protect more vulnerable friends and family by preventing the spread of flu.

    You will have received a leaflet and consent form. Please complete the consent form (one for each child) and return it to school to ensure your child receives their vaccination.

  • Year 3 Visit to Croxteth Hall December 7, 2017 ..


    Year 3 Visit to Croxteth Hall

    The children will experience a range of different activities at Croxteth Hall, depending upon their job role.  Some children will be guests of the Lord and Lady; others will be working in the kitchens, stables or even collecting game from the woods!


    All activities will be led and supervised by the Liverpool Park Rangers. It should also be noted that the children will also be working alongside other children and staff from one other primary school. Obviously we will expect our children to display their usual standard of excellent behaviour.


    A requirement of a Victorian Christmas at Croxteth Hall is that all participants, including staff and helpers, must wear appropriate Victorian clothing.  Information about costumes will be sent out early next week.  Please just do your best to provide a suitable costume and use these ideas as a guideline only. There is no need to buy costumes, unless you want to, as many items you have at home can be adapted to suit the Victorian era.

  • Staff Development Day - School Closed to Pupils December 22, 2017 N/A

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